• Greetings and welcome to our web site. The members of our organization are a brotherhood of descendants from soldiers who honorably fought for the South during the War for Southern Independence, also known by some as The American "Civil War." The purpose of our organization is to promote, preserve and defend the Confederate soldier and the Cause for which he fought. We accomplish our goals in numerous ways to include cultural and historical educational programs, institutional funding, the preservation of historical artifacts, the maintenance of Confederate monuments and cemeteries, plus involvement with historical battlefield reenactments and living histories.

    Chances are, if you and/or your family are from the South, you may have a Confederate soldier as an ancestor. We cordially invite you to find one of our meeting places, listed on this website, to allow us to help you make the connection. Most meetings start with a meal, have an informative historical presentation, and end with a short discussion on service projects, fund raising, and planning. Please consider this as an invitation, from me, as my personal guest.

    For the South,

    J. Daniel Bolick, Commander
    NC Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Wednesday 18 Jan 2017


Today, in the Old North State, as in all the states of the former Confederates States of America, we find ourselves in a war for our Confederate and Southern culture and traditions. Not only is the honor of the Confederate soldier being impugned and his memory denigrated, but the principles for which he fought are maligned and defamed. For many years, the Sons of Confederate Veterans concentrated on commemorations and quiet observances. While never neglecting this important part of our mission, in the 21st century, we find ourselves at the for-front of another and more critical battle - a battle for our very identity and for our very beliefs. Ask yourselves these questions: "If we do not defend the principles entrusted to us by our ancestors, who will? If we do not advance the colors, who will?" Will you join us?

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope that you will find much of interest on these pages. The North Carolina Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans is here to serve the Tar Heel State and make a real difference. Through a variety of programs - educational initiatives, historical commemorations, to legislative initiatives to insure that our monuments are protected and legal action to protect the rights of our citizens to express publicly their heritage - we are advancing the colors.

If you are a male aged twelve or older, we ask you to consider membership in The Sons of Confederate Veterans. Our heritage is still living, but under attack - join us and help keep it alive and vibrant!