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Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

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1 W.C. Green was a Bounty Hunter for Conscripts ;Pvt. Company B, McRae's Cavalry Battn.,

2 George Sharpe, age 26 of Alexander County, entered as Pvt. and rose to Maj. of 38th NC Inf.

3 Actually Joseph Linney, age18, Alexander Cnty, Pvt. Co. “G”, 38th NC Inf., detailed as nurse

4 Jones Brown, Pvt., Co. “D”, 1st NC Cavalry

5 Robert H. Cowan; New Hanover County; On 5/16/1861 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NC 3rd Infantry He was transferred out on 4/26/1862 on 4/26/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NC 18th Infantry He Resigned, disability on 11/1/1862 (Resigned for "congestion of liver and chronic diarrhea") He was listed as: Wounded 6/26/1862 Seven Days Battle, VA;

6 Believed to be : Sion Oxford; 25 year-old farmer, enlisted on 4/30/1861 at Caldwell County, NC as a Private. On 4/30/1861 he mustered into "A" Co. NC 22nd Infantry He Resigned on 2/22/1865 (Resigned by reason of partial paralysis of left arm) He was listed as: * Wounded 5/31/1862 Seven Pines, VA * Wounded 5/5/1864 Wilderness, VA (Wounded in left arm and right thigh) Promotions: 1st Sergt 5/10/1862, 2nd Lieut 1/17/1863, Ensign 4/27/1864 Intra Regimental Company Transfers: from company A to Field & Staff

7 Fielding Wallace Sharpe; 30 years old. enlisted on 6/7/1861 at Iredell County, NC as a Corporal. On 6/7/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. NC 2nd Cavalry

8 Daniel F. Roseman; born Catawba Couty, NC; a 24 year-old Merchant. on 12/31/1861 he mustered into "F" Co. NC 38th Infantry He Resigned, disability on 3/23/1863 He was listed as: Wounded 6/26/1862 Mechanicsville, VA, returned 1/30/1863 (place not stated) Promotions: 3rd Lieut 10/31/1861, 1st Lieut 4/18/1862, Capt 9/18/1862

9 Believed to be: William S. Beck; he mustered into "B" Co. NC 19th Infantry,he was transferred out on 12/5/1864, on 12/5/1864 he transferred into "I" Co. NC 52nd Infantry ( He was listed as: Confined Washington, DC (date not stated), Deserted to enemy 12/21/1864 (place not stated) ,Oath of Allegiance 12/27/1864 Washington, DC

10 Finley P. Curtis; 20 years old. Enlisted on 5/31/1861 at Wake County, NC as a Private. On 5/31/1861 he mustered into "B" Co. NC 1st Infantry He was Released on 6/24/1865 He was listed as: Confined Point Lookout, MD (date not stated) Wounded 5/3/1863 Chancellorsville, VA (Wounded in right shoulder and neck.) POW 4/6/1865 Burkeville, VA Oath of Allegiance 6/24/1865 (place not stated) Promotions: Corpl 12/1/1863 Priv 5/1/1864 (Estimated day of reduction in rank.) Other Information: born in Caldwell County, NC .

11 W.R. Gwaltney, Residence Alexander County NC; was a teacher of the classics before the war. Enlisted on 12/30/1862 as a Chaplain. On 12/30/1862 he was commissioned into Field & Staff NC 1st Infantry. He Resigned, ill health (Submitted resignation 12/30/64.)

12 Michael Wade, enlisted on 9/17/1864 at Flint, MI as a Private. On 9/17/1864 he mustered into "F" Co. MI 10th Cavalry He deserted on 4/30/1865 at Wilkesboro, NC Source: Record of Service of Michigan Volunteers 1861-65

13 The true identity of Simmons is still being researched, at present unknown.


NOTE: This article was written by Finely P. Curtis, Jr., and was published in April 1919 in the Confederate Veteran Magazine. Edited here for modern spelling. Footnotes added by Jim Pierce are service records of men mentioned. [The following narrative is an eyewitness to the "Fort Hamby Affair" an irrefutable a posteriori testimony--of the base character of the home enemy. This narrative, a thrilling record of two Northern deserters, Wade and Simmons, guerrilla terrorists of Wilkes County, N.C., and the capture and destruction of their armed rendezvous, "Fort Hamby," was published by my father's1 old Chaplain Rev. W. R. Gwaltney2 , chaplain of the 1st North Carolina Regiment of Infantry in the News and Observer, Raleigh, May 17, 1903. The author has been dead for some five or six years. He was an upright, honest, and withal a real man, having at his death served fifty years as a minister in the Baptist Church. The News and Observer containing his interesting narrative is a gift from my aunt, Miss Mattie Gertrude Curtis, and the story is reproduced complete, with an occasional correction -- Finley Paul Curtis, Jr.]

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