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    Kevin Stone, Commander
    NC Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

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They went on into the mountains and captured the notorious Simmons, whose name has been mentioned in connection with that of Wade's. They took him to their encampment near Lexington, N. C., and put him in the guardhouse. While plundering and murdering in the mountains Simmons had supplied himself with a good deal of gold and silver, where with he succeeded in bribing his guard and making his escape. He has never been heard of since in those parts. May a deserving fate have overtaken him!


In August, 1865, I was asked to take a school in Wilkesboro and entered upon the work the first of September. The schoolhouse stood off a high ridge west of the town, nearly a mile from the courthouse. I boarded in the home of Mr. Hezekiah Curtis [my grandfather-P. P. C., Jr.] at the ford of the Yadkin River on the road leading from Wilkesboro, in Ash County. It was just about a mile from Mr. Curtis's to the courthouse and about a quarter of a mile to the school house. I went to my boarding place each day for my dinner, as did also his son [Finley P. Curtis, my father-F. P. C., Jr.], his daughter [my aunt, Miss Mattie Gertrude Curtis-F. P. C., Jr.], and a young lady [Miss Eva Baker] who was boarding there. The first week in October the first court that had been held in a long time was in session, presided over by Judge Anderson Mitchell, of Statesville.


One day during that week, just after dinner, while in the sitting room with the two sons and three daughters of Mr. Curtis and the young lady who was boarding there, two men rode up to the gate, into the yard, and right up to the window of the room in which we were sitting. and one of them asked Judson, the eldest son of Mr. Curtis [my uncle, now living in Spencer, Ind.-F. P. C., Jr.], for some powder to load his pistol, saying with an oath that he had just shot at a Rebel and must have powder to reload. Judson told him he could not get it. He then swore he would come in and take it by force. Whereupon Judson turned to me and asked: "What must I do, Mr. Gaultney?"

"Do not let him have it," I advised him earnestly, "from now till doomsday; and if he attempts to come in here, we will kill him."

On two occasions before this the Hamby gang had entered this home, rifled every trunk and drawer, and broken up furniture, and these men were known to be their sympathizers. He then rode to a Negro cabin near by and, learning where Mr. Curtis was at work, galloped up to him and, pointing his pistol at his head, demanded: "Give me powder to load my pistol, or I will blow your brains out."

"If you get any powder from me," Mr. Curtis replied "it will be burnt first." [This was the second time my grand father had uttered this ultimatum to bushwhackers-F. P. C., Jr.] He came to the house and told his son Finley to go into the small room in the rear of the building and "load" those guns as quickly as possible," Finley and I had them loaded in less than five minutes.


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