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    For the South,

    Kevin Stone, Commander
    NC Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Thursday 30 Mar 2017

Recommended Speakers PDF Print E-mail

The North Carolina Division of The Sons of Confederate Veterans is pleased to recommend the following speakers for your next meetings, service, or special event. If you would like to be listed on this page, please contact our Lt. Commander by clicking the link to email him. Thank you.



Suzy Barile from Cary, NC     919-644-9210  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Her Great Great Aunt married Yankee Gen Smith Atkins- Artifacts and Slides


Tom Belton from Raleigh, NC     919-715-0200   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):Confederate Flags, NC History Museum, NC Archives


Ray Boylston from Raleigh, NC     919-876-7660   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author of Book on S.C.'s Butler Brigade


Mark Bradley from Raleigh, NC     919-782-4567    Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author of "The Battle of Bentonville"


Byron Brady, Raleigh, NC 919-622-0606 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): John Wilkes Booth Escape Route

Robert Bryon from Dunn, NC     910-892-2184   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):NC "Civil War" Trails Commission



Charlotte Carrere from Garner, NC  252-522-2091  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Blockade Running


Alex Cheek 336-414-1050    Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): NC Ironclads, Confederate Navy, Charlotte Navy Yard, Raphael Semmes and the Alabama, Laird Rams, The CSS Stonewall, CSS Arkansas, CSS Shenandoah, Various talks on Senators and Political figures


Greg Cheek Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): U.S. Mint in Southern Hands, Confederate Currency and Bonds, NC WBTS Currency, Confederate Half Dollar and Cent.


James Choate, Apex, NC  919-303-6152  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): The Demise of Southern Music

Donald Collins from Greenville, NC  252-328-6774  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):The General Pickett Hangings, Jefferson Davis Funeral


George Crockett from Western, NC 828-369-0509 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Virtues, Principles, and Ideals of the Confederate Soldier


Wayne/Ann Davis, Zebulon, NC   919-269-5691   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Sam Davis Southern Hero


Kevin Duffus from Raleigh, NC     919-848-8030     Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author of "The Lost Light, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse"


David Duvall from Western, NC 828-369-9963 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Macon County NC in the War


Tony Eggleston from Cary, NC    919-467-4516   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):The Antebellum South in Black and White



Joel Fesperman, Albemarle, NC  704-463-1950  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Six (6) Grandfathers served in the war


Chris Fonville from Wilmington, NC  910-792-9091  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): The Wilmington Campaign



Joseph Greenfield, MD, Durham  919-286-9104    Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): How Robert E. Lee died Theory



Michael Hardy, Crossnore, NC  828-737-0305  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):  37th NCT, 58th NCT, The Battle of Hanover Courthouse, Confederate Reunions and Monuments, Civil War Charlotte, North Carolina Remembers Gettysburg, North Carolina and the War, North Carolina Remembers Chancellorsville.


Jody Haynes 919-562-0923     Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Reenacting the 1st and 11th Regiments


C.J. Heffley from Greensboro, NC     336-949-4010   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): The Lost Confederate Soldier: The Story of Lt. Harry W. Coleman, CSA


Reed Henson from Western, NC 828-524-5496 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Arms, Clothing, Equipment of the Confederate Infantryman

Kelly Hinson 910-691-9116 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): First person impression programs as Mrs. Stonewall Jackson and Mrs. Rose O'Neal Greenhow. Christmas on the Plantations of the Cape Fear, General Lee and Santa Claus, and A Soldiers Christmas, Southern Soldier Remembrance Foundation Speaker, Helps to get headstones approval from the VA

Mark Hughs Kings Mountain, NC  704-730-9221 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author The New Civil War Handbook, Civil War Cemeteries, Tracing Your Civil War Ancestor.



Daniel Jones from Cary, NC     919-467-8226   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): 1860 Medicine, Researching Ancestors


Wayne Jones from Augusta, SC 706-830-0930 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):Major General J.E.B. Stuart


J.C. Knowles from Apex, NC     919-772-5472   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): General NC History



Al Langley from Louisburg, NC     919-556-4133    Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Manley's Battery


Richard Litchford from Western, NC 828-200-0142 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Southerners Discuss Secession, Religion and the Confederate Nation

Dr. Richard Lobst 828-293-5043   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Thomas Legion


Bill Lockridge from Mint Hill, NC    704-545-0083   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): The Selma Arsenal, CSS Virgina vs. USS Monitor


Creighton Lovelace,, Forest City NC   828-429-7406   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Take My Stand in Dixieland and 6 Gifts I Received when I joined the SCV


Dr. David Long, Greenville, NC  252-328-6957  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Gettysburg, Cold Harbor, Dahlgren Raid, Lee and Grant



Jeff Melton Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): President Jefferson Davis


Richard Melvin from Western, NC 828-526-3762 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): 39th NC Regiment, Captain Alfred W Bell

Kevin Miller from Pinetops, NC     919-442-4047   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): General A.P. Hill



Larry Norman, Louisburg, NC  919-496-2382   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Confederate Holidays



David and Debbie Patterson from Western, NC 828-369-3501 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Clothing, Equipment and Flags of the Confederate Soldiers and Clothing of the Women

L.D. Perry from Zebulon, NC     919-269-7952   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Battle Reams Station


Vickie Poston from Concord, NC     704-788-6642   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): "They may defeat us, but they will never conquer us"



Elizabeth Roberson, Williamston  252-792-2339  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Eli landers CSA


Robert Rector, Louisberg, NC  919-496-5827  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): "Could the South Had Won?"


Darwin Roseman from Cary, NC    919-467-6638    Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):Confederate Postal System, Confederate Christmas


Keith Rouse from Goldsboro, NC     919-736-2440   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Rev. Charles Deems, Suspension of habeas corpus in WBTS



Ellis Selph from Durham, NC     919-544-1900   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Antique Gun Collection


Ronnie Roach from Mebane, NC 919-563-6834 Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Wade Hampton and My Heritage, Semmes and the Alabama - Privateers, Pirates or Patriots

Graham Strickland, Salisbury, NC  366-629-4563  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author of "The Last to Die" about The NC 51st Regiment


Kent Strickland from Ashboro, NC  336-629-4563  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author of The Last to Die" based on NC 51st Regiment



Ben Tart from Springhope, NC     252-478-7668   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Confederate Uniforms


Jerome Tew from Goldsboro, NC     919-735-4848   Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Cherokees in the WBTS


Bernhard Thuersam Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Subject(s): Powerpoint presentations; Wilmington and the Secession Crisis, 1860-61; Peace Conferences During the War; Ironclad Defenders of the Cape Fear; Southern Agents to the North: Wilmington’s Canadian Connection; General Robert Hoke and the Wilmington Campaign; The Myth of Saving the Union; Wilmington’s Confederate Officers in Peace and War; North Carolina’s WBTS Sesquicentennial Observance. Speaker for Lee’s Birthday, Lee-Jackson Banquets, Memorial Day, Flag Day, Jefferson Davis’s Birthday.


Bill Trotter from Greensboro, NC  336-274-0528  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Author of Ironclads, Columbiads, and The Coast


Mike Tuggle Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Heritage Programs



Herman White, High Point, NC  336-431-3810  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): Revivals in the Southern Armies, President Davis, Col. John S. Mosby, Our heritage, A Gift from God


Donnie Wilson from Raleigh, NC     804-467-4516  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s):Point Lookout Prison, Pvt. John Jacob Omenhausser, Point Lookout POW Artist, Confederate Engineers, John Brown, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Why You Should be Offended.



Roland Young from Wake Forest  919-556-4133  Email / Website / Blog

Subject(s): The Ride of Molly Tynes


NOTE: If you would like to be listed on this page, please contact our Lt. Commander by clicking the link to email him. Thank you.

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