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Wednesday 01 Apr 2020

Confederate Devotions

The GREAT revival in the Confederate Army, during the period from 1861 to 1865, is one of the most unique revivals in American history. Some call it The Third Great Awakening. This work of Divine Grace first appeared in camps and hospitals around Richmond. When the army moved, the revival was greatly accelerated. Services were conducted through the week in units by chaplains and missionaries sent by various denominations. General John B. Gordon, who actively participated in the revival, tells us that in every camp religious altars were erected around which ragged soldiers knelt and worshiped: "The religious revivals which ensued formed a most remarkable and important chapter in war history. Rocks and woods rang with appeals to holiness. Thousands became soldiers of the Cross." The reports of the revival read like a roster of the Southern Army spreading from company to regiment, regiment to brigade, brigade to division, and from division to army corps. Go back in time as each week actual historical tracts, devotions, and newspaper articles will be posted here with a transcript and a collectible download!

BOOK: The Great Revival which Prevailed in the Southern Armies 

Prepare for Battle PDF Print E-mail
Written by James Hicks   
Monday, 28 January 2013 00:00

No. 83


Soldiers!  to-morrow we must fight.  The enemy is just at hand.  Darkness only defers the stern encounter between proud oppressors and men sworn to die freemen rather than live slaves.  Your country calls to victory or death!  When yonder sun, so lately set in glory, looks forth to-morrow, let not his radiant eye fall on a man unready for the shock.  Prepare—prepare for battle!  Let the first bright beams of morn find our men ready, “aye ready for the fight.”  Let every man see to it, that his gun is in perfect order.  Take an ample supply of ammunition.  Fill your canteens with water; for battle brings on a raging thirst.  Put edge and points to knives and swords—fix bayonets—for ours should be no distant, formal salutation; but such fierce onset, such deadly, closing strife, as finds no ends but victors, crowns and patriot’s graves!  Let not a muscle be relaxed this night in rest, till all is ready for the thrilling order, “Forward!  forward my braves.”  Remember the enemy is nigh.  He watches all our movements,—To guard against surprise, let every man snatch his sleep to-night, leaning on his arms at his post, in the stern array.  Surgeons, be ready to give the best attention to our wounded; for doubt not, many a manly form shall bleed pure patriotism, ere another sunset.

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Written by Eric Rudd   
Monday, 21 January 2013 00:00

No. 68.


To-day, if ye will hear his voice, harden not your heart –

Ps. XCV. 7.

“I have long known that unbelief was my misfortune—but O, sir, until to-day, I knew not that it was my GUILT.”

My dear fellow-mortal, whoever you are, I now, in tho name and presence of God, and in Christ’s stead, lay before you my message; even this record, “God giveth you eternal life and this life is in His Son.,’ The free, the full, the sincere gift of eternal life through Christ Jesus, is at this moment held out to you whose eyes now rest upon these words.  Trifle not with it--put it not from you, I entreat of you--you have to answer for this very offer--your accepting of it will from henceforth make you eternally happy--your refusal may be the signal for the door of mercy to close for ever!  Hear me, O hear me then, just as if you saw the gate of heaven moving in its portal, about to be eternally closed.—“Be reconciled to God!”  Behold in the sorrows and death of His Son a perfect atonement for sin, and a pledge that He is reconciled to your salvation.  O why then will you not come to him?  Did you but know how sweet it is for a mourning, heavy-laden soul to rest itself on the finished work of Christ—and in assurance of hope to look forward to a peaceful, perhaps a triumphant death—to a glorious resurrection—to an eternity as full of bliss as an infinite God can make it to be—to look thus forward, and, in the exercise of faith, to say, “All, all is mine? For Christ is mine, and I am his!” if you could know the sweetness of this, even in a faint degree, readily would you say, “I will go with him!”

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