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    For the South,

    Kevin Stone, Commander
    NC Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans

Thursday 30 Mar 2017

NC State Troops Infantry Units

The following is a list of units that served North Carolina during The War Between the States (TWBS). The NC Division is currently working on unit history summaries for each of the units



1st Regiment NC Troops

2nd Regiment NC Troops

3rd Regiment NC Troops

4th Regiment NC Troops

5th Regiment NC Troops

6th Regiment NC Troops

7th Regiment NC Troops

8th Regiment NC Troops

9th Regiment NC Troops

  • 1st Calvary Regiment

10th Regiment NC Troops

  • 1st Artillery Regiment

11th Regiment NC Troops

  • 1st Infantry Regiment Volunteers

12th Regiment NC Troops

  • 2nd Infantry Regiment Volunteers

13th Regiment NC Troops

  • 3rd Infantry Regiment Volunteers
  • Company B

14th Regiment NC Troops

  • 4th Infantry Regiment Volunteers

15th Regiment NC Troops

  • 5th Infantry Regiment Volunteers

16th Regiment NC Troops

  • 6th Infantry Regiment Volunteers

17th Regiment NC Troops (1st Organization)

  • 7th Infantry Regiment Volunteers
  • Company B

17th Regiment NC Troops (2nd Organization)

18th Regiment NC Troops

  • 8th Infantry Regiment Volunteers

19th Regiment NC Troops

  • 2nd Calvary REgiment

20th Regiment NC Troops

  • 10th Infantry Regiment Volunteers

21st Regiment NC Troops

  • 11th Infantry Regiment Volunteers

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Distinguished Camp Award

Congratulations to the Burke County Tigers, Camp 2162, Valdese NC, for winning The 2016  Lt.Col. Tazewell Lee Hargrove Distinguished Camp Award. To learn how your camp can qualify for this prestigious award CLICK HERE.

Best Newsletter Award

Congratulations to The Columbus County Volunteers, Camp 794, in Whiteville, North Carolina, for winning the 2016 Col. Leonidas LaFayette Polk Newsletter Award for the second year in a row. To learn how your camp can qualify for this prestigious award CLICK HERE.

Best Website Award

BEST CAMP WEBSITE AWARD - Get your Camp Websites ready for March 15th deadline! To learn how your camp can qualify for The Private Silas Matkins Best Camp Website Award ... The 2016 Winner is the Fayetteville Arsenal Camp 168 from Cumberland County NC CLICK HERE.

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