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Tuesday 26 Mar 2019

NC State Troops Infantry Units - Page 3
47th Regiment NC Troops

  • Company A
  • Company B

48th Regiment NC Troops

49th Regiment NC Troops

50th Regiment NC Troops

51st Regiment NC Troops

52nd Regiment NC Troops

53rd Regiment NC Troops

54th Regiment NC Troops

55th Regiment NC Troops

56th Regiment NC Troops

57th Regiment NC Troops

58th Regiment NC Troops

  • 58th Partisan Rangers
  • 58th Consolidated Infantry Regiment (58th/60th)

59th Regiment NC Troops

  • 4th Calvary Regiment

60th Regiment NC Troops

  • 6th Infantry Battalion

61st Regiment NC Troops

  • Company B, Beaufort Plow Boys

62nd Regiment NC Troops

63rd Regiment NC Troops

  • 5th Cavalry Regiment

64th Regiment NC Troops

  • 11th Infantry Battalion

65th Regiment NC Troops

  • 6th Calvary Regiment

66th Regiment NC Troops

  • 8th Infantry Battalion
  • 8th Calvary Battalion, Partisan Rangers
  • 13th Infantry Battalion, NC Partisan Battilion

67th Regiment NC Troops

  • 1st Infantry Battalion, Local Defense Troops
  • Whitford's Partisan Rangers Battalion

68th Regiment NC Troops

69th Regiment NC Troops

  • 7th Calvary Regiment

70th Regiment NC Troops

  • 1st Infantry Regiment, Junior Reserves
  • 1st Infantry Battalion, Junior Reserves
  • 6th Infantry Battalion, Junior Reserves

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Updated events link!

2018 “COASTAL PLAIN" NCSCV LEADERSHIP SEMINAR - POSTPONEDTri-Community Volunteer Fire Department.  See above link for more details.

2019 Winter DEC - Saturday, January 26. Snyder Farms Restaurant in Sophia, NC. (2880 Beckerdite Rd, Sophia, NC 27350).  Registration opens at 9, meeting starts at 10.

Distinguished Camp Award

Congratulations to the Columbus Co. Volunteers Camp, #794, Whiteville, NC, (Commander Mike Hollingsworth) for winning the 2018  Lt.Col. Tazewell Lee Hargrove Distinguished Camp Award. To learn how your camp can qualify for this prestigious award CLICK HERE.

Best Newsletter Award

Congratulations to the Columbus Co. Volunteers Camp, #794, Whiteville, NC, (Commander Mike Hollingsworth), for winning the 2018 Col. Leonidas LaFayette Polk Newsletter Award. To learn how your camp can qualify for this prestigious award CLICK HERE.

Best Website Award

BEST CAMP WEBSITE AWARD - The 2018 Private Silas Matkins Best Camp Website Award goes to the LT. F. C. Frazier Camp, #668, High Point, NC (Commander Ron Perdue) CLICK HERE.

NC WBTS 150th Anniversary