Genealogy Request

In order to search your genealogy, the following things will assist our Genealogist so that he will know where to begin the search.

  1. A phone number where you can be reached. Phones with voice mailboxes that are not set up or are full will not take calls made to them.
  2. When is a good time to call?  With people working different shifts and sleeping I do not want to wake anyone, or bother them while they are at work.  Employers do not like employees getting calls while at they’re at work.
  3. A phone call is easier for me to explain and answer what’s needed in order to check your genealogy. A dozen emails back and forth is not an efficient way to get answers for your genealogy search.
  4. Your genealogy begins with you and traces backward thru your parents and grandparents and great grandparents an so on until it’s determined if you had ancestors that may have served in the Confederacy.
  5. If your family was not in this country until after 1865 then you will not have ancestors that served in the Confederacy.
  6. Your full name and where your family lived:  what  state, what county, and what city. Where deceased family members are buried helps as a starting point to work from.  When including maternal parts of your family tree, be sure to include the woman’s maiden name to enable greater assistance.
  7. When you request genealogy help, our Genealogist will call you at the number that you provide and leave you a message letting you know that he called and then if you’re not home when he calls you can call him back when you have the time to do so.
  8. The Sons of Confederate Veterans requires that  an ancestor must be related to you by biological family lines. If you were adopted, you must have proof of your birth family in order to trace the family lines. Otherwise, the family lines cannot be proven as being yours. The question has been asked can I use my wife’s ancestors to join? The answer is no. Unless somewhere in the family lines there’s a shared  common ancestor that’s related to both Parents. ( It’s rare but sometimes happens. )
  9. If you are in the military and currently deployed, let me know as such and I will wait for you to return stateside from your deployment as I will not bother you while you are deployed. You have to focus on your Duty and Safety and calling is not an option while you are deployed. Thank you for your service to our Country.

As stated on the Pvt. Lorenzo Leigh Bennitt Camp #773 website: “We are good neighbors to all, and loyal Americans without question. As such, we reject those persons who would use our history, symbols and organization to further racist causes or divisive political agendas.”

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