SCV Civic Projects

What kind of civic projects does the SCV perform? The SCV has ongoing programs at the local, state, and national levels which offer members a wide range of activities. Preservation work, marking Confederate soldier’s graves, historical re-enactments, scholarly publications and regular meetings to discuss the military and political history of the War Between the States are only a few of the activities sponsored by local units, called camps.

A wide range of projects is conducted each year by local camps throughout the world, according to local needs and the expertise of camp members. Among others, they include restoring Confederate cemeteries and grave markers, erecting historical monuments and markers, assisting with projects to preserve battlefields and historical sites, conducting living history interpretations, publishing journals and other information about local Confederate history, offering academic scholarships for high school students, assisting with flood and disaster relief, contributing to food drives, making contributions to state museums, providing volunteers to serve at historic sites, contributing educational materials to local libraries and conducting appropriate services to honor veterans on Confederate Memorial Day.