NC State Troops Cavalry Units

The following is a list of units that served North Carolina during The War Between the States (TWBS). The NC Division is currently working on unit history summaries for each of the units below.

1st Cavalry Regiment: 9th Regiment NC Troops

2nd Cavalry Regiment: 19th Regiment NC Troops

3rd Cavalry Regiment

  • Amaziah Price- Company A

4th Cavalry Battalion

4th Cavalry Regiment: 59th Regiment NC Troops

5th Cavalry Battalion

5th Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangers

5th Cavalry Battalion: 63rd Regiment NC Troops

6th Cavalry Regiment: 65th Regiment NC Troops

7th Cavalry Battalion

7th Cavalry Regiment: 69th Regiment NC Troops

8th Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangers: 66th Regiment NC Troops

12th Cavalry Battalion

14th Cavalry Battalion: 7th Calvary Regiment

15th Cavalry Battalion

16th Cavalry Battalion

Evan’s Cavalry Battalion Partisan Rangers: 5th Calvary Regiment

Howard’s Cavalry Company Local Defense Troops

McRae’s Cavalry Battalion

Spencer’s Cavalry Company, Spencer’s Rangers

Swindell’s Cavalry Company, Partisan Rangers

Woodfin’s Cavalry Battalion: 14th Cavalry Battalion