Genealogy Assistance

The North Carolina Division Sons of Confederate Veterans makes the utmost effort to provide genealogical assistance to those interested in their Confederate heritage. However, we primarily seek to aid those that would like to join our organization as well as our current members.

If you contact any of our genealogists, please let them know if you are a member – and give them your identification number, camp name and location, along with your name – or if you would like to join. If you are not a member and have no interest in joining, please let us know that. We take all requests on a first come first serve basis.

When you make a request, you must be prepared to give our genealogist some information to start from. You will need to provide names, dates, relationships and places for a couple of generations back. This includes all known names of a person and the spellings used during their lifetime; dates of birth, marriage, and death; counties and states they were at on the known dates; and names of other members of their immediate family who lived in the same household.

This can seem like a daunting task, but be rest assured that it is worth the undertaking. Start with obtaining your birth certificate which will give you information about your parents. Repeat this process generation by generation, person by person, and obtain as many records and information on the preceding generation as possible. You can find these records at the county’s Register of Deeds which contain vital records that date back to 1913.

Ask older members of your family for information, especially the older women. Tell them exactly what information you need and be willing to listen to their stories about the people. If you can record these stories, do yourself and your future descendants a favor and record them – but pay attention to the details of names, dates, and places.

You may need to consult other records. In addition to birth certificates and death certificates, the Register of Deeds have marriage records, wills, estate records, land records, and guardian bonds. The public library will have census records, cemetery records, family histories, and old newspapers on microfilm. There are certainly other records available including family bibles, church records, and genealogical journals. When you are ready to submit your request or if you have any questions, please contact the Division Genealogist

The Division Genealogist is:
Bruce Cloninger
P.O. Box 283
Cherryville, NC 28021
Telephone: (704) 435-4725

Remember to ask if there is any associated cost with your request so there is no miscommunication! Below you will find several links that may be of assistance.

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